Finding the Competitive Edge: Five Reasons to Hire a Professional Designer and Printer to Build your Business in NYC


Crain’s NY Business reports that New York City is second only to the LA market in the number of small businesses it supports. Defined as companies with 500 or fewer employees, there are over 190,000 small businesses in NYCThe New York market is big, but how do you get your message out there?

 Do you save money on marketing, and go cheap? Sure, it’s a temptation. With all the expenses of running a business it may seem the best place to cut, but sometimes you only get one chance. In the competitive New York business environment, even if you nail the presentation, the materials you give to a prospective client can tip the scales in your favor…or not. Here’s why you should consider using a professional design and print team. 

Competitive Edge: Online services make their money on volume, with cookie-cutter templates, ganging up hundreds of cards, or brochures on a single print form. Yes, their templates can look good, but do they truly represent your company, your brand, or do they look like a thousand other companies? A good designer and printer should be an extension of your team. They’ll work with you to turn your idea into a beautifully printed reality: one that aligns with your business goals and fits your budget and timeline. 

New York Market: Anyone who has lived and worked in New York City knows there is no place quite like it. Hong Kong, or even Kalamazoo, Michigan isn’t. Having a professional design and print team in NY, who knows the market and the culture and can meet face-to-face, will take the guesswork out of the process. Frankly, who wants to wait on a FedEx delivery, on deadline, not knowing what you are going to get. 

Personalized Service: When you deal with NYC design and print professionals, you’re working with experts. You can call them, email them, and even visit them and you’ll get the attention only a service-based business can offer. With an online solution, you might connect with a real person though probably not a design or print expert. Sometimes it isn’t the service you get when things go right, it’s the service you receive when schedules change and things go wrong. 

Time Management: You can’t do everything – there are not enough hours in the day, nor should you try. If you have a successful business in New York City, you know what you are doing, and do it well. Having professionals do what they do best, can give you more time to do what you do best, take care of the business of your business.

Solutions: There is no substitute for experience. Die-cut, emboss, deboss, engraved, laminated, variable data, coated, un-coated, PMS, 4-color process, short-fold, gate-fold, work and turn, CTA, SRD, EDDM, saddle-stitched. Professionals in our industry can offer options and resources that you may not even think of which can give you an edge. We know our industry. 

Impressions MatterEverything, from your business cards and company folders to brochures, marketing, and online presence reflects how your company does business. When the impression you leave matters, then NYC design and print professionals are the right choices. 

You’ll get experienced, hands-on, consultative service from a team of professionals who aren’t satisfied until you are. In short, the question of working with professional design and print experts or a DIY online service comes down to quality…and the choice should be clear.

 Let us know your thoughts, and any topics you would like to hear from us on. We welcome your feedback.