From the Printer: Five Finishes to Elevate your Print Marketing

When I collaborate with designers on high-end printing projects, I love to recommend that they think beyond the paper stock and the ink. Finishing techniques like foil stamping, embossing or debossing, engraving and spot UV coating, when applied thoughtfully can make your printed piece extraordinary. Since you or your designer has put so much thought into design and communication, consider one of these 5 finishes to turn your printed piece into a beautiful and memorable object for the recipient.

Finding the Competitive Edge: Five Reasons why you should hire a Professional Designer and Printer to build your Business in NYC

Impressions Matter. Everything, from your business cards and company folders to brochures, marketing, and online presence reflects how your company does business. In the competitive New York business environment, even if you nail the presentation, the materials you give to a prospective client can tip the scales in your favor…or not.